Account Application

Accounts will be reviewed after three months. Accounts with no activity will automatically be deleted after six months. Payment is due 30 days following month of supply. Statements will be sent out within a few working days of each month end. Overdue accounts will automatically be placed on STOP. Persistent late payments will result in credit facilities being withdrawn. We reserve the right to charge interest @ 4% above the prevailing base rate until full payment has been cleared through our bank. By submitting this form to request an account with Wateq Ltd I hereby declare, confirm and acknowledge that : I have read and understood the terms and my obligations, and agree to abide by Wateq Ltd’s policies. I understand that submission of the Account Form does not guarantee acceptance. I understand that Wateq Ltd will contact me, in writing, to confirm the individual term and conditions of any account offered. The decision Wateq Ltd take about my application is made on the basis of the information that I have provided on the application form. If Wateq Ltd shall find that I have made a false statement, or have left out significant information, Wateq Ltd reserves the right either to disqualify my application or to suspend my account and reserve the right to take further steps deemed appropriate. I understand in full that my virtual signature will be via a check box that reads “I have read and agree to the Terms of Application.