Drop Test Kits

Our high quality drop test kits and reagents are available in a wide range of parameter specific options to suit many analytical requirements.

Each self contained kit is housed in its own rugged carry case and comes complete with all necessary equipment such as waterproof instructions, reagents, syringe and test bottle or test cell.

RefParameterRangeDisplayed As
DTK079Acid Strength0 to 25 %
DTK001Acidity50 to 20000mg/l H2SO4
DTK002Alkalinity P5 to 2400mg/l CaCO3
DTK003Alkalinity M5 to 2400mg/l CaCO3
DTK004Alkalinity OH5 to 2400mg/l CaCO3
DTK005Alkalinity P, M & OH5 to 2400mg/l CaCO3
DTK002Anionics (as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)5 to 2400mg/l CaCO3
DTK007Bromine (Total)0 to 20mg/l Br2
DTK074Carbohydrazide5 to 50mg/l CH6N4O
DTK073Carbon Dioxide10 to 300mg/l CO2
DTK053Chelant (Free) (as EDTA)10 to 240mg/l EDTA
DTK008Chelant (Total) (as EDTA)10 to 240mg/l EDTA
DTK009Chloride LR & HR0 to 12000mg/l
DTK010Chlorine LR & HR (FREE)0 to 300mg/l Cl2
DTK072Chlorine Dioxide00.5 to 8.0mg/l ClO2
DTK011Chlorine Dioxide VLR0 to 12mg/l ClO2
DTK012Chlorine Dioxide LR0 to 24mg/l ClO2
DTK013Chlorine Dioxide VLR – HR0 to 600mg/l ClO2
DTK015Hardness Calcium5 to 1200mg/l CaCO3
DTK014SHardness Stop/Go0 to 4mg/l CaCO3
DTK016Hardness (Total)5 to 1200mg/l CaCO3
DTK043Hardness (Calcium & Total)5 to 1200mg/l CaCO3
DTK014THardness Yes/No0 to 4mg/l CaCO3
DTK051Hydrogen Peroxide LR1 to 100mg/l H2O2
DTK017Hydrogen Peroxide HR10 to 5000mg/l H2O2
DTK054Hydrogen Peroxide LR & HR1 to 5000mg/l H2O2
DTK060Hypochlorite (Sodium)0 to 15% NaOCl
DTK033Iron VHR50 to 600mg/l Fe
DTK018Molybdate LR0 to 50mg/l MoO4
DTK020Nitrite10 to 2000mg/l NaNO2
DTK045Peracetic Acid10 to 6000mg/l H2O2
DTK022pH4 to 12-
DTK023Phosphonate (Short)0 to 20mg/l HEDP, AMP, PBSAM
DTK059Phosphonate (S/Long)0 to 20mg/l HEDP, AMP, PBSAM
DTK032Phosphonate0 to 50mg/l PBTC
DTK025Polyacrylate & Total Polymer0 to 20mg/l C3H4O2
DTK026Polyamine (as CTAB)0 to 20mg/l CTAB
DTK027Quarternary Ammonium Compounds (QAC)0 to 1000mg/l CATIONIC
DTK028Sulphite5 to 300mg/l Na2SO3
DTK080Silver0 to 60mg/l Ag
DTK029Tannin10 to 300mg/l
DTK030Total Oxidant0.2 to 6mg/l ClO2
DTK031Zinc0 to 2mg/l Zn

Replacement reagents can be purchased to ensure continued analysis

Ranges vary and are dependant on the sample size used to carryout the test
for more information please read the instructions