clack duplex water softeners

Wateq are able to produce and manufacture a full range of Clack Softeners, both Simplex and duplex. Please browse our selection of Clack softeners on offer below, if none of these meet your requirements then please do feel free to contact us, and we can talk through your issues, and quote for a system that’s right for you.

About Clack

Clack Water Softeners information.

Wateq only use the highest quality products in there manufacturing. That is why every softener we specify will be a clack Softener. They are the best by far and have so many advantages to any other valve on the market.

The service time is 1/8 of its competition, the spares cost half the price, the functionality of the valve is twice as good, and it has the ability to customise the setup to suit each individual customer’s needs.

Wateq units come with a meter control as standard, as its more cost effective and pays back the additional extra fee within a year of installing the softener, Time clock versions of every simplex softener are available on request.

The life expectancy of each Wateq softener is around 10 years, as the softening resin will need to be replaced after this time. However, the valve and tank should not need to be changed.


Duplex Water Softeners explained.

Duplex water softeners are best used for Commercial and industrial application sites. They will soften the water during the day, and then in the down time during the night will regenerate using a sodium chloride solution.

Duplex softeners utilise two vessels, alternating between to give a continuous flow of water. Because of this there is no down time during regeneration and soft water is delivered at all times.

Wateq duplex systems are programmed to regenerate every time a cylinder is exhausted. This can happen at any time of the day, but it is not a problem as the system can switch vessels and continue the supply of softened water. This makes these units great for commercial and industrial applications where water is needed around the clock.

Because these are using clack valves, we can customise the settings to suit any and all capabilities and applications. Specific needs can be catered for easily, if you have any questions then please feel free to contact our technical support team and they can talk you through any setup questions you may have.

Wateq keeps a full supply of spares and servicing parts for the Clack range so if you have any issue with the systems, replacements can be despatched at a moment’s notice for next day delivery.

If you require any softener salt, then please do let us know.