Tablet Water Softener Salt

All ion exchange resins need to regenerate by replacing ions and this is done by dosing the resin with a brine solution. The creation of the brine comes from softener salt. The resin which you are using dictates which ion of the sodium chlorine is used in the regeneration process.

The large block form of tablet salt gives it advantages in ease of use, as if you spill any it’s easier to clean up. Certainly, an advantage if your softener is installed indoors. Because of the size and surface area it will slowly dilute into the water overtime making an even brine solution. It also does not cause all the particles of salt to crystallise and form around the brine equipment, keeping tubing unblocked and functioning correctly.

RefDescriptionBag Size
TSALWater softener salt tablets25kg
Granular Softener Salt

Granular salt works in exactly the same way to tablet salt, in that it dissolves in a brine tank to make a brine solution. However, due to the larger surface area and thus more contact time with the water, it is slightly quicker to dissolve to make a brine solution. An example is the difference between a spoonful of sugar and a cube of sugar.

All softener salt can only saturate water to a certain point. Once this is reached, the brine solution cannot take on any more salt and will leave the remaining in the brine tank untouched until the next regeneration occurs so there is no over saturation.

RefDescriptionBag Size
GSALWater softener salt granuals25kg