Clack Organic Scavenger Water Filter

Wateq’s Birm filters will reduce dissolved iron and manganese in private water supplies. Birm acts a catalyst for the oxidisation of soluble iron and manganese.

Birm is a non-sacrificial media which requires frequent backwashing to remove contaminants and maintain Birm’s effectiveness. Birm requires minimal maintenance, has a long life expectancy and does not require chemical regeneration.

Requirements for Birm include a minimum pH of 6.8, alkalinity should be greater than two times the combined sulphate and chloride concentration, dissolved oxygen must be equal to or at least 15% of the iron or iron and manganese content.

For assistance in specifying your Birm filter, please get in touch with a member of the Wateq team.

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    clack birm filters key information

    RefDescriptionControl ValveTank Size*Media VolumeFlow Rate
    B1.5-C10.62 m3/hr Birm WS1 SystemClack WS110” x 54”1.5 ft30.62 m3/hr
    B2-C10.89 m3/hr Birm WS1 SystemClack WS112” x 52”2 ft30.89 m3/hr
    B2.5-C11.05 m3/hr Birm WS1 SystemClack WS113” x 54”2.5 ft31.05 m3/hr
    B3-C11.21 m3/hr Birm WS1 SystemClack WS114” x 65”3 ft31.21 m3/hr
    B3.5-C11.59 m3/hr Birm WS1 SystemClack WS116” x 65”3.5 ft31.59 m3/hr
    B5-C12.0 m3/hr Birm WS1 SystemClack WS118” x 65”5.0 ft32.0 m3/hr
    B6.5-C12.73 m3/hr Birm WS1 SystemClack WS121” x 60”6.5 ft32.73 m3/hr
    B9-C153.57 m3/hr Birm WS1.5 SystemClack WS124” x 69”9.0 ft33.57 m3/hr
    B15-C155.57 m3/hr Birm WS1.5 SystemClack WS1.530” x 72”15.0 ft35.57 m3/hr
    B20-C28.02 m3/hr Birm WS2 SystemClack WS236” x 72”20.0 ft38.02 m3/hr
    B28-C210.92 m3/hr Birm WS2H SystemClack WS2H42” x 78”28.0 ft310.92 m3/hr
    B36-C314.26 m3/hr Birm WS3 SystemClack WS2H48” x 82”36.0 ft314.26 m3/hr

    * Birm comes in 1cu.ft bags
    ** Flow rates based on a five 5 gpm / sqft for iron and manganese removal

    clack birm filters dimensions

    B1.5-C10.62 m3/hr Birm WS1 System270 mm400 mm1600 mm
    B2-C10.89 m3/hr Birm WS1 System320 mm400 mm1600 mm
    B2.5-C11.05 m3/hr Birm WS1 System350 mm400 mm1600 mm
    B3-C11.21 m3/hr Birm WS1 System370 mm400 mm1900 mm
    B3.5-C11.59 m3/hr Birm WS1 System410 mm410 mm1900 mm
    B5-C12.0 m3/hr Birm WS1 System510 mm510 mm2000 mm
    B6.5-C12.73 m3/hr Birm WS1 System555 mm580 mm2200 mm
    B9-C153.57 m3/hr Birm WS1.5 System610 mm650 mm2200 mm
    B15-C155.57 m3/hr Birm WS1.5 System610 mm640 mm2200 mm
    B20-C28.02 m3/hr Birm WS2 System770 mm770 mm2400 mm
    B28-C210.92 m3/hr Birm WS2H System950 mm950 mm2500 mm
    B36-C314.26 m3/hr Birm WS3 System1200 mm1200 mm2800 mm

    clack birm filters optional extras

    V3006WS1 Bypass Valve
    V3193Clack Spanner for WS1 / WS1.5 / WS2 / WS3
    V3070FMNo Hard Water Bypass (NHBP) for WS1 & WS1.25
    V3097-BSPTNo Hard Water Bypass (NHBP) for WS1.5
    V3098-BSPTNo Hard Water Bypass (NHBP) for WS2
    V3099-BSPTNo Hard Water Bypass (NHBP) for WS3
    V3009Auxiliary microswitch for WS1 / WS1.25 / WS1.5
    V3017Auxiliary microswitch for WS2

    Please ensure air gap on drain to prevent potential future issues

    Backwash the unit once the media has been soaked

    Flush the unit to drain for the first hour of use