Clack Organic Scavenger Water Filter

Eco+ media is designed for applications where the iron levels are extreme and can’t be removed with normal filter medias. This media is recommended for situations where iron levels are over 30 mg/l as this is designed to reduce levels to within potable standards.

Wateq has done extensive trials with this new media and found it to be the best way of removing iron at extremely high levels. Regular eco media or manganese dioxide will struggle to reduce the levels to within acceptable levels and will require multiple lead / lag treatment vessels.

Eco+ requires salt as its regenerant as well as a specialist cleaner that will aid in the regeneration of the mechanical structure of the resin. This unit will use a combination of ion exchange media, rather than traditional aeration and oxidation plants. This eliminates the need for a high backwash flow rate and the need for large aeration vessels that can be clogged with oxidised iron.

Each unit includes a metered Clack head to help get the maximum capacity between regenerations and limit the use of salt, keeping running costs low.

Eco media is capable of removing levels up to :

  • 30mg/l of Iron
  • 5 mg/l of manganese
  • 5 mg/l of ammonia

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    CLACK® Metered SIMPLEX ECO+ key information

    RefDescriptionResin Quantity*Media Volume* Capacity @ 100 ppm** Salt Usage Per Regen
    SE+25-C11.29 m3/hr WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit10” x 35”25 Litres1.29 m3/hr2.5 kg
    SE+37-C11.29 m3/hr WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit10” x 54”37 Litres1.29 m3/hr3.7 kg
    SE+50-C11.82 m3/hr WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit12” x 52”50 Litres1.82 m3/hr5.0 kg
    SE+62-C12.27 m3/hr WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit13” x 54”62 Litres2.27 m3/hr6.2 kg
    SE+75-C12.50 m3/hrWS1 Metered Eco+ Unit14” x 65”75 Litres2.50 m3/hr7.5 kg
    SE+100-C13.29 m3/hr WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit16” x 65”100 Litres3.29 m3/hr10.0 kg
    SE+125-C14.11 m3/hr WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit18” x 65”125 Litres4.11 m3/hr12.5 kg
    SE+150-C15.52 m3/hr WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit21” x 60”150 Litres5.52 m3/hr15.0 kg
    SE+300-C157.30 m3/hrWS1.5 Metered Eco+ Unit24” x 69”300 Litres7.30 m3/hr30.0 kg
    SE+450-C211.42 m3/hr WS2 Metered Eco+ Unit30” x 72”450 Litres11.42 m3/hr45.0 kg
    SE+650-C216.41 m3/hr WS2 Metered Eco+ Unit36” x 72”650 Litres16.41 m3/hr65.0 kg

    * Capacity based on CaCO3 mg/l total hardness + Na mg/l + Fe mg/l + Mn mg/l
    ** Salt usage based on 100g per litre of resin. This will increase if salt dosage is increased.

    CLACK® Metered SIMPLEX ECO+ specification

    RefInjector ColourBrine Tank Volume* Brine VolumeRegen TimeInlet / Outlet Options
    SE+25-C1White100 Litres15.36 Litres78 Mins3/4”, 1”, 1.25”
    SE+37-C1White100 Litres19.2 Litres81 Mins3/4”, 1”, 1.25”
    SE+50-C1Blue100 Litres23.04 Litres83 Mins3/4”, 1”, 1.25”
    SE+62-C1Yellow145 Litres28.8 Litres83 Mins3/4”, 1”, 1.25”
    SE+75-C1Green145 Litres38.4 Litres84 Mins3/4”, 1”, 1.25”
    SE+100-C1Orange200 Litres57.6 Litres85 Mins3/4”, 1”, 1.25”
    SE+125-C1Light Blue350 Litres76.8 Litres86 Mins3/4”, 1”, 1.25”
    SE+150-C1Green500 Litres96.0 Litres86 Mins3/4”, 1”, 1.25”
    SE+300-C15Orange V3010-15H750 Litres134.4 Litres90 Mins1.5”
    SE+450-C2V3010-2D750 Litres192.0 Litres90 Mins1.5”
    SE+650-C2V3010-2E1000 Litres268.8 Litres91 Mins2”

    CLACK® Metered SIMPLEX ECO+ dimensions

    RefDescriptionWidthDepthHeightBrine Tank Diameter øBrine Tank Height
    SE+25-C125 Litre,WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit600 mm450 mm1100mm450 mm940 mm
    SE+37-C137 Litre,WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit720 mm450 mm1590 mm450 mm940 mm
    SE+50-C150 Litre,WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit770 mm450 mm1540 mm450 mm940 mm
    SE+62-C162 Litre,WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit1040 mm700 mm1590 mm500 mm1060 mm
    SE+75-C175 Litre,WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit1090 mm720 mm1640 mm500 mm1060 mm
    SE+100-C1100 Litre,WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit1180 mm770 mm1640 mm550 mm1160 mm
    SE+125-C1125 Litre,WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit1350 mm880 mm2000 mm740 mm1275 mm
    SE+150-C1150 Litre, WS1 Metered Eco+ Unit1500 mm900 mm2000 mm840 mm1335 mm
    SE+300-C15300 Litre, WS1.5 Metered Eco+ Unit1500 mm890 mm2200 mm960 mm1395 mm
    SE+450-C2450 Litre, WS2 Metered Eco+ Unit1840 mm1050 mm 2400 mm960 mm1395 mm
    SE+650-C2650 Litre, WS2 Metered Eco+ Unit2000 mm1050 mm2500 mm1080 mm1460 mm

    Recommended 20µ pre-filter directly before the Eco unit with incoming turbidity less than 3 ppm

    Please ensure air gap on drain to prevent potential issues

    Iron levels of over 10mg/l will require an small dose of cleaning agent when regenerating – please contact Wateq to discuss