clack ws3 metered simplex water softeners

Clack WS3 Simplex Water Softener

Clack WS3 simplex softeners are used for only the largest industrial applications. They will be able to deliver soft water at flow rates between 40m3/hr to 56m3/hr. These systems will be best applied on applications that require a large volume in a short period of time, but then remain idle for long periods. As this utilises a single vessel hard water will pass to service when the system goes into regeneration. Clack WS3 water softener units are only suitable for large industrial and commercial uses.

Meter controlled systems are more technically advanced as they calculate the amount of soft water that has been processed and determine when to initiate a regeneration process according to Wateq’s pre-calculated settings.

We can tailor the regeneration process so that this can occur during low periods of water usage, this ensures that there is never an interruption to the supply of water. These systems are ideal for situations that do not require soft water 24/7. Our systems are built by our team of senior engineers providing the reliability you require and have a typical resin life expectancy of around 10 to 15 years.

Wateq’s metered Clack simplex softeners consist of all the required components to allow you to start softening your water straight away.


RefDescriptionTank SizeResin QuantityFlow Rate* Capacity @ 300 ppm** Salt Usage Per Regen
SS1000-C31000 Litre, WS3 Metered Softener42” x 78”1000 Litres40.0 m3/hr166.66 m3120.0 kg
SS1250-C31250 Litre, WS3 Metered Softener48” x 82”1250 Litres56.76 m3/hr208.33 m3150.0 kg
SS1800-C31800 Litre, WS3 Metered Softener63” x 67”1800 Litres56.76 m3/hr300.00 m3216.0 kg

* Capacity based on 50g CaCO3 hardness removed per litre of resin.
** Salt usage based on 120g per litre of resin. This will increase if salt dosage is increased.


RefInjector ColourBrine Tank Volume* Brine VolumeRegen TimeInlet / Outlet Options
SS1000-C3V3010-2F1500 Litres384.0 Litres95 Mins3”
SS1250-C3V3010-2G1500 Litres480.0 Litres95 Mins3”
SS1800-C3V3010-2H2000 Litres691.2 Litres105 Mins3”

* Brine volume based on a suggested 3.2 litres per kg of salt.


RefDescriptionWidthDepthHeightBrine Tank Diameter øBrine Tank Height
SS1000-C31000 Litre, WS3 Metered Softener2300 mm1200 mm2900 mm1240 mm1575 mm
SS1250-C31250 Litre, WS3 Metered Softener2600 mm1500 mm2900 mm1240 mm1575 mm
SS1800-C31800 Litre, WS3 Metered Softener3000 mm1600 mm2100 mm1396 mm1690 mm


Maximum Service Flow Rate: 56.76 m3/hr
Drain Connections: 3”
Brine Line Connection: 1”
Riser Tube: 90mm ø
Brass Body
Electrical Rating: 230-12V / 50Hz
Power Rating: 0.5 Amps
Min Inlet Pressure: 20psi -1.4 bar
Max Inlet Pressure: 125psi - 8.6 bar
Average Pressure Loss Over System: 1 bar
Min/Max Temperature: 4℃ - 43℃

optional extras

SERVC3WS3 Service Kit inc. Spacer Stack, Downflow Piston & Brine Piston
V3193Clack Spanner
V3070FMNo Hard Water Bypass (NHBP)
V3674BSPTWS3 Side Mount Assembly
V3009Auxilary microswitch
SALT25kg Tablet Salt

Recommended 20µ pre-filter directly before the softener

Please ensure there is an air gap on the drain to prevent potential issues

Food grade, WRAS certified strong cation exchange resin provided