Clack WS1CI Water Softener

Wateq’s duplex Eco units offer the same benefit as the simplex units using a hybrid of different medias including cation and anion exchange resins to reduce problematic contaminants such as  iron, manganese and hardness.

Wateq’s duplex systems provide 24/7 treated water on demand ensuring the entire vessels capacity is fully exhausted before switching over to the second vessel.

key information

* Capacity based on CaCO3 mg/l total hardness + Na mg/l + Fe mg/l + Mn mg/l
** Salt usage based on 100g per litre of resin. This will increase if salt dosage is increased.


* Brine volume based on a suggested 3.2 litres per kg of salt.
** Approximate volume, may fluctuate depending on incoming pressure.


Recommended 20µ pre-filter directly before the Eco unit with incoming turbidity less than 3 ppm

Please ensure air gap on drain to prevent potential issues

Iron levels of over 10mg/l will require an small dose of cleaning agent when regenerating – please contact Wateq to discuss