Clack WS1CI Water Softener

Eco+ Media is designed for applications where the iron levels are extreme and can’t be removed with normal filter medias. This media is recommended for situations where iron levels are over 30 mg/l as this is designed to reduce levels to within potable standards. Wateq has done extensive trials with this new media and found it to be the best way of removing iron at extremely high levels. Regular Eco Media or Manganese Dioxide will struggle to reduce the levels to within acceptable levels and will require multiple lead / lag treatment vessels.

Eco+ requires salt as its regenerant and as well as a specialist cleaner that will aid in the regeneration of the mechanical structure of the resin. This unit will use a combination of ion exchange media, rather than traditional aeration and oxidation plants this eliminates the need for a high backwash flow rate and the need for large aeration vessels that can be clogged with oxidised iron.

Each Unit will come with a metered Clack head to help get the maximum capacity between regenerations and limit the uses of salt, keeping running costs low.

Eco Media is capable of removing levels up to :

  • 15mg/l of Iron

  • 5 mg/l of manganese

  • 5 mg/l of ammonia

key information

* Capacity based on CaCO3 mg/l total hardness + Na mg/l + Fe mg/l + Mn mg/l
** Salt usage based on 100g per litre of resin. This will increase if salt dosage is increased.


* Brine volume based on a suggested 3.2 litres per kg of salt.
** Approximate volume, may fluctuate depending on incoming pressure.


Recommended 20µ pre-filter directly before the Eco unit with incoming turbidity less than 3 ppm

Please ensure air gap on drain to prevent potential issues

Iron levels of over 10mg/l will require an small dose of cleaning agent when regenerating – please contact Wateq to discuss