Clack WS1CI Water Softener

Eco is a multipurpose all in one media that comprises of five different ion-exchanging sorption materials that targets high levels of iron in colloidal, ferric and organic form, manganese and metal ions, hardness and natural organic compounds. Eco contains cation and anion exchange resins and does not require any special reagents other than sodium chloride for regeneration.

A Wateq Clack Eco unit removes iron by ion-exchange rather than traditional aeration and oxidisation plants. This method of reducing iron and manganese is not restricted by the incoming pH and anionic make up of the water, which will allow for fewer treatment vessels to be installed saving considerable amounts of money.

This unit is perfect for any system which is struggling with extremely elevated levels of iron & manganese where conventional methods may require multiple streams running in parallel in a lead / lag configuration. These units are designed to operate on low regenerate dose, require low volumes of water during regeneration and minimal maintenance.

Eco is capable of removing levels up to :

  • 15mg/l of Iron

  • 5 mg/l of manganese

  • 5 mg/l of ammonia

key information

* Capacity based on CaCO3 mg/l total hardness + Na mg/l + Fe mg/l + Mn mg/l
** Salt usage based on 100g per litre of resin. This will increase if salt dosage is increased.


* Brine volume based on a suggested 3.2 litres per kg of salt.
** Approximate volume, may fluctuate depending on incoming pressure.


Recommended 20µ pre-filter directly before the Eco unit with incoming turbidity less than 3 ppm

Please ensure air gap on drain to prevent potential issues

Iron levels of over 10mg/l will require an small dose of cleaning agent when regenerating – please contact Wateq to discuss