Clack Organic Scavenger Water Filter

Clack’s Filter-Ag® is used for reducing sediment and particulates from incoming water feeds. This will reduce the suspended load down to a 20 to 40 micron range.

The media’s profile consists of fractured edges and irregular surfaces which offer a large surface area to efficiently remove suspended particulates. A key benefit of Filter-Ag’s particulate size provides less of a pressure drop through the filter and benefits from a larger holding capacity compared to traditional sand filters.

Filter-Ag is lighter than traditional particulate removal media and as a result requires a  lower backwash rate so less water is consumed when expanding and cleaning the bed.

This can be combined with other particulate filtration media to provide a graded filtration unit.

Clack’s Filter-Ag® units are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

key information

RefDescriptionControl ValveTank Size*Media VolumeFlow RateMinimum Backwash Requirement
FAG1-C11.24 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1 SystemClack WS110” x 54”1.0 ft31.24 m3/hr0.99 m3/hr
FAG1.5-C11.78 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1 SystemClack WS112” x 52”1.5 ft31.78 m3/hr1.42 m3/hr
FAG2-C12.09 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1 SystemClack WS113” x 54”2.0 ft32.09 m3/hr1.67 m3/hr
FAG2.5-C12.43 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1 SystemClack WS114” x 65”2.5 ft32.43 m3/hr1.94 m3/hr
FAG4-C13.2 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1 SystemClack WS116” x 65”4.0 ft33.2 m3/hr2.54 m3/hr
FAG5-C14.0 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1 SystemClack WS118” x 65”5.0 ft34.0 m3/hr3.20 m3/hr
FAG7-C15.46 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1 SystemClack WS121” x 60"7.0 ft35.46 m3/hr4.37 m3/hr
FAG8-C157.13 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1.5 SystemClack WS1.524” x 69”8.0 ft37.13 m3/hr5.71 m3/hr
FAG11-C1511.14 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1.5 SystemClack WS1.530” x 72”11.0 ft311.14 m3/hr8.91 m3/hr
FAG20-C216.04 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS2 SystemClack WS236” x 72”20.0 ft316.04 m3/hr12.84 m3/hr
FAG25-C221.84 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS3 SystemClack WS342” x 78”25.0 ft321.84 m3/hr17.47 m3/hr
FAG33-C328.52 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS3 SystemClack WS348” x 82”33.0 ft328.52 m3/hr22.82 m3/hr
FAG49-C337.45 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS3 SystemClack WS355” x 104”49.0 ft337.45 m3/hr29.96 m3/hr

*Filter AG+ 1 Cuft / bag
** Flow rates based on 10gpm/sqft


RefDescription*DLFC** Water per regenerationWidthDepthHeight
FAG1-C11.24 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1 SystemV3162-042382 Litres270 mm400 mm1600 mm
FAG1.5-C11.78 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1 SystemV3162-065591 Litres320 mm400 mm1600 mm
FAG2-C12.09 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1 SystemV3190-073663 Litres350 mm400 mm1600 mm
FAG2.5-C12.43 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1 SystemV3190-090818 Litres370 mm400 mm1900 mm
FAG4-C13.2 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1 SystemV3190-110999 Litres410 mm410 mm1900 mm
FAG5-C14.0 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1 SystemV3190-1501363 Litres510 mm510 mm2000 mm
FAG7-C15.46 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1 SystemV3190-2001817 Litres555 mm580 mm2200 mm
FAG8-C157.13 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1.5 SystemV3190-2502271 Litres610 mm650 mm2200 mm
FAG11-C1511.14 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS1.5 System40 GPM3634 Litres610 mm640 mm2200 mm
FAG20-C216.04 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS2 System57 GPM5178 Litres770 mm770 mm2400 mm
FAG25-C221.84 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS3 System77 GPM6995 Litres950 mm950 mm2500 mm
FAG33-C328.52 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS3 System101 GPM9175 Litres1200 mm1200 mm2800 mm
FAG49-C337.45 m3/hr Filter-Ag WS3 System132 GPM11991 Litres1300 mm1300 mm2800 mm

* Will be provided with an external DLFC
** Based on a 16 minute backwash followed by an 8 minute rinse

optional extras

V3006WS1 Bypass Valve
V3193Clack Spanner for WS1 / WS1.5 / WS2 / WS3
V3070FMNo Hard Water Bypass (NHBP) for WS1 & WS1.25
V3097-BSPTNo Hard Water Bypass (NHBP) for WS1.5
V3098-BSPTNo Hard Water Bypass (NHBP) for WS2
V3099-BSPTNo Hard Water Bypass (NHBP) for WS3
V3009Auxiliary microswitch for WS1 / WS1.25 / WS1.5
V3017Auxiliary microswitch for WS2

Please ensure air gap on drain to prevent potential future issues

Soak the media overnight where possible due to the dusty nature of the product

Backwash the unit once the media has been soaked