Clack Organic Scavenger Water Filter

Magnodol is a more aggressive form of pH correction media. It can raise the pH from below 5 to a level of 7. However, the media is capable of overcorrecting and raising the pH past 7 if used in an incorrect application.

This pH media can be used before iron removal treatment, by naturally raising the pH and dropping out the iron in solution more effectively as it travels through the manganese dioxide.

This media is sacrificial so will need topping up over time. We would recommend yearly top ups to ensure the media is not exhausted as it depletes at 17.8mg/l per gram of CO2 in the water. The greater the contact time, incoming pH and CO2 level will dictate how great the pH rises. Flow rates may need to be reduced if the raw incoming water is particularly low.

At Wateq all our systems are supplied with a backwashing valve to ensure the media is fresh whilst any suspended particulates that are held during service can be backwashed, as well as preventing channelling.

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    MAGNODOL PH key information

    RefDescriptionControl ValveTank Size*Media VolumeFlow Rate
    M50-C10.74 m3/hr Magnodol WS1 SystemClack WS110” x 54”50 kgs0.74 m3/hr
    M75-C11.07 m3/hr Magnodol WS1 SystemClack WS112” x 52”75 kgs1.07 m3/hr
    M100-C11.26 m3/hr Magnodol WS1 SystemClack WS113” x 54”100 kgs1.26 m3/hr
    M125-C11.46 m3/hr Magnodol WS1 SystemClack WS114” x 65”125 kgs1.46 m3/hr
    M150-C1 1.90 m3/hr Magnodol WS1 SystemClack WS116” x 65”150 kgs1.90 m3/hr
    M225-C12.41 m3/hr Magnodol WS1 SystemClack WS118” x 65”225 kgs2.41 m3/hr
    M250-C13.27 m3/hr Magnodol WS1 SystemClack WS121” x 60”250 kgs3.27 m3/hr

    *  Magnodol comes in 25kgs bag with 16.6L per bag

    ** Service flow dependent on CO2 level – Per g of converted CO2 17.8mg/l of Magnodol will be used

    MAGNODOL PH specification

    M50-C10.74 m3/hr Magnodol WS1 System270 mm400 mm1600 mm
    M75-C11.07 m3/hr Magnodol WS1 System320 mm400 mm1600 mm
    M100-C11.26 m3/hr Magnodol WS1 System350 mm400 mm1600 mm
    M125-C11.46 m3/hr Magnodol WS1 System370 mm400 mm1900 mm
    M150-C11.90 m3/hr Magnodol WS1 System410 mm410 mm1900 mm
    M225-C12.41 m3/hr Magnodol WS1 System510 mm510 mm2000 mm
    M250-C13.27 m3/hr Magnodol WS1 System555 mm580 mm2200 mm

    MAGNODOL PH optional extras

    V3006WS1 Bypass Valve
    V3193Clack Spanner for WS1 / WS1.5 / WS2 / WS3
    V3070FMNo Hard Water Bypass (NHBP) for WS1 & WS1.25
    V3097-BSPTNo Hard Water Bypass (NHBP) for WS1.5
    V3098-BSPTNo Hard Water Bypass (NHBP) for WS2
    V3099-BSPTNo Hard Water Bypass (NHBP) for WS3
    V3009Auxiliary microswitch for WS1 / WS1.25 / WS1.5
    V3017Auxiliary microswitch for WS2

    Please ensure air gap on drain to prevent potential future issues

    Backwash the unit once commissioned due to the dusty nature of the media