Salis Brine Tank Monitor

The new WLAN enabled SALIS brine sensor monitors the water and salt levels of your softeners brine tank, allowing for the quick and easy identification of problems.

Early indication of hard water issues avoids unnecessary damage to equipment, minimises maintenance and greatly reduces down time.

  • The solution for every water softener

Easy and quick installation on every softener with a brine tank. An optional external audible alarm can also be connected.

  • Wireless network connection

Connect the SALIS brine sensor to your WI-FI network to receive email notifications if a fault is detected.

  • Easy installation and adjustment of alarm parameters

Insert the sensor into the brine well so the contacts on the sensor are at the minimum filling level of the brine tank. The LED’s on the sensor indicate the status of the WLAN operation and any current alarms.

  • Email and Audible Notifications

Following a successful connection to your wireless network you will receive an email notification about the alarm on your water softener, an external alarm is also triggered if connected. If an alarm state lasts for more than 24 hours the system can be configured to resend email reminders until the issue is rectified.

SALIS Brine SensorØ 15mm. Length 97mm. Connection cable 2.5M
Evaluation Unit ( L x W x H)95 x 40 x 20 mm
Total Weightca. 200g
Power Supply100 bis 240 V AC with micro USB connection
External Alarm Input5 to 25 V AC
External Alarm OutputPotential-free contact, maximum 24 V DC 1 A
Assembly in Brine TankSensor hanging freely in the brine well, sensor contacts at the minimum filling level required.
NetworkWLAN : Parameterisation via WLAN browser factory setting IP address :
Brine QualityConcentrated solution of sodium chloride
Factory Setting Brine Alarm5 Hours permanent too low brine solution
Factory Setting External Alarm60 minutes permanent. Input voltage 5 to 24 V DC

SAL11001SALIS Brine Concentration Monitor