Top basket distributor 1

A wide variety of top and bottom distributors for residential water treatment applications (up to 13″ diameter).

These distributors fall into two major categories, the segmented stack distributors and the moulded basket distributors. The segmented stack distributors consist of individual ABS segments which are held together with 8 – 18 stainless steel screws.

The segmented stack distributors have the ability to open up when backwashed, removing any possible fines that might accumulate on the distributor. The standard slot size is .010 – .013. Segmented stack distributors are highly recommended for filter applications. The segmented stack distributors are also available with .007 – .010 slot size for demineralisation and finer mesh resin applications.

A .016 – .020 slot size is available for high flow applications. The moulded basket distributors are made out of high impact ABS plastic compliant with FDA regulations. The fixed slot size is .010 – .013. The moulded basket distributors are designed for general domestic water softener use for 6″ to 10″ diameter tanks without a gravel support bed, or 12″ to 13″ diameter tanks with a gravel support bed. All of these distributors are easily solvent welded to PVC, ABS, or HIPS riser pipe.

RefDescriptionRiser Pipe InsertControl Valve Engagement
D1203287F top distributor basket1.050"Bayonet Lock
D1203-03287F top distributor basket32mmBayonet Lock