Water Filter Media Filter AG

Filter AG+ is a superior filtration media to standard Filter AG. It is designed to lower the levels of turbidity in water even further. It will filter down to a nominal 3 microns and remove smaller particles of turbidity. On borehole applications, we recommended using a Filter AG+ unit to protect against dumps of turbidity, even if none is present on the water analysis.

The media traps the particles of turbidity in its filter bed. The total surface area of the bed within the vessel will dictate the peak flow rate of the unit. Bed depth is only required for capacity, not flow rate.

Trapped turbidity particles are then released when the water flow is inverted, lifting the filter bed and backwashing to drain through a control valve. It is important to take this into account when specifying a system, as for it to continue to work for the lifespan of the media, there will need to be adequate backwash flow and pressure.

Filter AG+ is ideal for turbidity removal and pre UV filtration on larger units, as it can remove particles less than 5 micron, that prevent shadowing in the UV chamber.

RefDescriptionBag Size
A8005Filter AG+25kg

Discounts available for orders above 1000Kg

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