Water Filter Media Pyrolox

Pyrolox Plus is a washed manganese dioxide, similar in properties to Filox. Primarily used for iron removal it will also remove some manganese as a by-product of the iron removal.

Pyrolox Plus allows a higher service flow rate than normal Pyrolox and has been sieved to a higher level so needs less backwashing when commissioning.

If pH is elevated to a raised level then the effectiveness of the media is improved. Iron is trapped in the dense manganese dioxide filter bed due to the size of the iron molecules. Thus, not allowing it to go to service. However due to the density of the media, backwash flow rates are extremely high, and need to be taken into account when specifying systems. It is usually more beneficial to run two smaller pyrolox systems in parallel than one large one due to backwash requirements.

RefDescriptionBag Size
PYROPPyrolox Plus25kg

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