Softcontrol Data Water Hardness Monitoring

In contrast to conventional water monitoring devices Softcontrol-Data operates with a selective sensor for calcium and magnesium ions on potentiometric method basis.

The monitored soft water threshold value can be individually defined in steps for a water hardness range of 0.01 mmol/l up to 0.18 mmol/l.

The measuring values can put out through a current loop. Alternatively the measuring values can put out via a RS232- interface to an OFS-data logger, which allows a record of the hardness progress. Data can be displayed in German, English or French.

  • No reagents or indicators necessary, making the device environmental friendly and cost-effective.

  • The display shows water hardness evaluation, functional status and the momentary soft water capacity at the first glance.

  • Except for the occasional sensor exchange Softcontrol Data is almost maintenance free.

Wall Mounted400 x 250 x 160 mm (W x H x D)
WeightApprox 8 kg
Surrounding Temperature5 °C … 50 °C
Relative Humidity20 % … 80 %
Power Supply100 … 240 Volt / 50 … 60 Hz
Power Consumption15 V DC, about 20 Watt
Raw and Soft Water ConnectionsBranch pipe with connection for PA-tube o.d. 4 mm, i.d. 2 mm, up streamed dirt filter ≤ 0,1 mm recommended
Raw and Soft Water PressureMinimum 3 bar up to maximum 10 bars
DrainMinimum ø 15 mm, pressure free
Quality of Raw and Soft WaterNatural water, free of grease, oil and brine germ content < 5000 CFU/ml
Hardness Range Raw Water0.18 mmol/l ... 7.2 mmol/l
Hardness Range Soft Water0.0018 mmol/l ... 0.18 mmol/l
Threshold Value Calibration0.01 mmol/l ... 0.18 mmol/l
Sensor ControlAutomatic
SignalingThreshold value exceeding sensor exchange
External SignalingPotential-free contacts
Operation Time of SensorApprox. 6 to 9 months

1016320130Device for visualised water hardness monitoring
20130HSHardness Sensor